B.C. Fruit.

Every Thursday Evening at 5 pm


Each week we bring in fruit from B.C. that is picked on Wednesday.  We Guarantee the quality of the fruit provided you pick up by Friday Evening. 

Thursday Evening Pick Up at The Honest Box


This sight will be updated weekly with the current available products.  Please see Below.

Friday Delivery to CrossFit Carstairs


CrossFit in Carstairs is a pick up point on Friday Mornings for a small delivery fee.  


We do offer discount on full flat and case orders so if this is of interest please inquire with the amounts your looking for.


At request we will make up mixed boxes of fruit with the current available items.  



Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Available This Come Thursday


We are excited to offer B.C fruit for another year.  Please pre-order your fruit for Thursday pick up after 5pm.   We do offer discounts on full flat/case orders, if this is of interest please inquire by contacting us.  As much as we want to, we cannot control the weather and if the fruit is not of the high quality we expect for our customers then we will not be providing that fruit type that week.   E-transfers or cash are accepted.

New This Week:

B.C. Blueberries

  • $5 per basket or by 10lb Case.

B.C. Black Cherries

  • $5 per pound or by 20lbs Case

B.C. Strawberries

  • $5 Per Basket or by the flat

B.C. Raspberries

  • $5 per Basket or by the flat

Bulk Discounts

We do offer bulk order discounts please inquire with amounts that you are looking for!