Honest Animals

We are constantly striving to supply happy animals that just taste better!  We are currently working to build new pens that allow for very large areas for our animals to sprawl and enjoy life!    

Our Turkeys


We have turkeys available once a year. We raise them in a 10,000 sq ft fenced area. Their diet consists of our garden left overs, wheat grass that we grow and a protein mix. 

Honest Food


At The Honest Box we work hard to feed our animals only the best quality of food, primarily grown on site, and we do not use antibiotics.

Our Chickens


These are our laying hens enjoying the left overs from our microgreen farm that they are fed all winter long.

Our Beef


We are very proud of the work done by the extended Aarsby family in raising grass fed Angus & Simmental cross cattle.  We normally sell out very quickly, so please text or email us about availability. 

The Future


As our business grows we plan on expanding into pork and meat chickens, so stay tuned!